Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Water water everywhere!

Well what can i say, its b ring a bizarre few days, after having a few casts on Friday in what looked like perfect water i was shocked on Saturday at the rainfall we had and the effect on the river. The river in My back garden went crazy and i had to rush home from Cornwall to put sandbags around my door as there was a serious risk of flooding. have a look at the level gauge 1 mile up river from my house:

After narrowly avoiding a flood by about 4" and staying up till 3am checking the river every 30 minutes i retired to bed for 2 hours before my 3 month old daughter woke up.

i have been looking at the lower from and there is a serious amount of water across the whole valley.

even Poppy was annoyed as her usual morning walk was cut short as there was virtually nowhere to walk. Despite the height of the river (1.75m on the gauge) the water was very clear and looked very 'fishy' once it drops a bit there maybe the chance of a fish or two!

Looking at the river level data it appears to be dropping about 10cms per day at the moment so with any luck it may fish on my day on Sunday, I'll give it a good go provided i can actually get to the river, otherwise I'll target the fields with a riffled hitch!  :)

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