Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Boys night out

I had been looking forward to doing something a little different for a few months, a friend Nick had invited me to join him and Tim for a night fishing the Woodmill pool on the Itchen for Sea Trout. I'm sure we are all the same when it comes to the countdown to a long awaited trip - checking the weather every few hours. If its not good news, look at a different website until we find the weather we prefer. Sadly, on this occasion, it was totally crap whatever website I looked at. Nick did a great job in re-assuring us that all would be OK. After a rendezvous and Nicks house and a very tasty meal we set off into the wind and rain to fish Woodmill. Nick has fished there a few times but neither Tim or I had fished it before. It sounded a bit strange from Nicks description and with a tidal range of several feet sounded rather challenging!

Painful loss

There has been a fair bit of action down down on my Sunday beat since the weather has cooled down and with a slight rise towards the end of the week things were looking up. I planned to go down on Sunday afternoon / evening as opposed to my usual morning jaunt. As I 'enjoyed' the imposed morning no fishing time I had a message from Tony showing a nice fish being returned.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Return to form at last

After a few weeks of very little fishing due to family commitments, holiday and extreme conditions I was happy to be getting some fishing time in finally. Over the last few weeks I have only managed an hour or two here and there. Last week I planned an early assault with a friend Nick.