Tuesday, 25 February 2014

New season - new river

After a very wet winter one can only imagine the effects on the river and its lies. As ever, on the Frome the river will be very different to the year before with some old lies destroyed and some new ones created. I'm even wondering if one of the pools on our top beet has been completely re-formed. I had hoped to go down and do some bank work this weekend but finding the bank may prove difficult. Currently the river level at East Stoke (between our two beats) is sitting at 1.48m. A couple of years back I wrote a blog post when i had a fish at 1.35m, fishing was a tad tricky as there was a long wade just to get to the river.

As the Season starts on the first of March, there will be little hope of getting to cast a fly for at least 2 or three weeks. Not an ideal start to the season but i look forward to surveying the "new" river once levels drop