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16th May 2015

Conditions are perfect at the moment after the rise on Thursday, So far a couple of Sea trout to 4lb have been caught on our beats and there seems to be a lot about.

We are waiting for our first Salmon of the weekend. I'm hoping for some good news by then of the weekend!

3rd April 2014

At 1m on the gauge the river look s perfect for the fly and very 'fresh' after the cleaning and re-shaping of the winter floods. The odd fish may have crept in on the high tides last monday but finding one is going to be difficult. After the next spring tides we should see fish arriving in fair numbers. This is when I will start fishing with high hopes. Fishing the river this time of year is always beneficial as it gives us a chance to re-learn the river and how it has changed over the winter floods.

21st June

I met a couple of chaps on our lower beat last night when i went for a 'walk with rod', they have had a couple of Sea Trout on the fly of 3 1/4lb and 2lb and seen a few more. The sea Trout seem to be a bit thin on the ground at the moment but I'm sure that will change very quickly. There is also news of a cracking 27lb hen fish taken on the beat above our lower beat. The quality of fish so far this year has been amazing. The average size is very good at the moment and it would appear that fish in the 20lb bracket are more likely than in the last few years. The next few days should see an increase in numbers although with it i imagine there will be a decrease in size with 2SW fish making up the majority of numbers.

18th June 2013

A few more fish are turning up and the average size is very encouraging. After my 'tiddler' on our lower beat I managed a 16lb fish the following Sunday from my normal Sunday beat. This was followed up with a 18lb fish by the Friday rod. Mr Thorpe took a nice fresh 12lb fish from our upper beat on Saturday, the first of the top beat this year. I followed this up with a 16lb+ fish on Sunday from a bit that has been dredged in the past and is very slow and featureless. With the coming springs I would envisage decent numbers of fish making their way into the river.

8th June 2013

I managed to 'christen' our lower beat on Thursday with a lovely fresh fish around the 9 lb mark. Another fish was also taken a little further up river, this was a cracker of over 20lb. In addition, there are some nice sea trout in the river. Hopefully the weekend will yield a few more fish so tight lines to anyone heading out!

3rd June 2013

Finally, after a slow start the fish are making an appearance, last week i heard of three Salmon caught and I'm sure there were a few more being caught along the river. The first, a lovely fresh fish of 14lb was caught above Wool. Its encouraging to hear that the fish are already so far up the river. Another 2 fish were caught on the lower beats yesterday, another 14lb fish and a belter of fish on my normal beat by my friend Tony - it has to be a 20lber, very deep bodied and as fresh as they come. Lets hope this marks the start of a good season. the odds are against it according to the guys at East Stoke but I'm sure there will still be some good sport to be had by those who put in the time.

27th may 2013

After the bank holiday weekend i was hoping we would see some action on the river. Although the Sea trout are slowly creeping up river with a few being caught I'm yet to hear of any salmon. Its a very late start this year and i hope things start to pick up soon. Maybe a few fish will have made their way slowly up river on the back of the spring tides - hopefully not just wishful thinking!

19th May 2013

Still all very quiet on the Salmon Front, I have not heard of any fish taken on the Frome so far. One of our rods did take a lovely Brown Trout of about 3 1/2lb on our upper beat whilst fishing for Salmon. I fished for a couple of hours on Saturday and didn't see anything except loosing a Sea Trout right at the end of the session. My Friend and I fished my usual Sunday beat for four or five hours today and didn't see a fish apart from a couple of smallish Sea Trout that came unstuck. This is the first time in five years that I've not caught  a Salmon on the first weekend of spinning started. The river is strangely quiet. It's likely that the spring tides will bring in a few fresh fish towards the end of next week, fingers crossed!!!!

14th May 2013

So far I have heard of very little in the way of fish being caught but have seen a Salmon and numerous Sea Trout, i also heard of a decent Sea trout being caught on the lower river.  I think we will start to see a few fish been caught once the spinning starts on the 16th. I'll continue to update this page with catches as the season progresses

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