Thursday, 26 July 2012

Disaster strikes!

Having arrived at the river early on Sunday hopes were high after Fridays success. I started fishing at 5.30 and it looked absolutely perfect. I tackled up with a small Snaelda cone head and proceeded to fish my way down through the beat.

I was surprised not to see any movement as i made my way through the hot spots. After passing the hut pool i got to a very promising pool and wasn't disappointed. I dropped my fly over by the reeds by the tail of the pool and was taken immediately. The fish shook its head and them made off across the pool and the line went slack and i was left in the rapidly warming sun realising that that was probably my only chance.. Hope diminished rapidly as i got further down the beat and the sun was beating down. I realised that my breathable chest waders had started seeping at the seems so was gutted at the prospect of having to replace them.

I made my way back down to the hut and tackled up with the spinning rod to search out the deep spots. As i made my way downriver i realised that the back plate on my Shimano Stradic reel had fallen off, I was not happy as the day was getting progressively worse. As i made my way up to a good deep hole a punched out a good long cast but instead of watching my spinner flying out there was an almighty snap! My Hardy Marksman rod had broken right in the middle of the middle section. AAAARGH! I made a bit of a quick repair using some cord and a metre of stretchy silicone tube and bound the broken section leaving a good overlap and my 10' rod became a 9ft rod. I hastily fished up river covering anywhere i thought there might be a fish. Once back at the hut i decided enough was enough and made my way hope in the midday heat - i needed beer!

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