Wednesday, 23 May 2012

I Think i have the mid week blues, the weekend was disappointing as we fished for over six hours and didn't see a single fish which was very surprising considering the conditions. It may be that with the high water fish have pushed further up river. I had a look in the book in the hut and nothing was recorded there either.

I did manage a brief fish on the next beat down on Monday and lost a 10lb fish and had a follow form a 16lb fish. I did get a phone call that evening from a friend who had lost a 20lb fish as he was bringing it towards the net - Gutted, good for the fish though, a bit of fast C&R! roll on the weekend, fingers crossed that it will be better than last week. I will also be trialling an underwater pole cam as i'm really interested in looking at the contours of the deep pools to see what lurks beneath. once i have some footage i'll post it on here!

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  1. Paul, Great to meet you in Sportarm today, my email is . Love the blog too!


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