Friday, 25 May 2012

Great Start to the weekend!

Having been woken up at the usual 4.30am by my 5 week old Daughter I was finding it hard to get back to sleep as a morning trip to the river had been planned with my mate Tony.
Despite looking perfect last weekend didn't live up to our expectations and the loss a a nice fish on Monday didn't help things either.

After getting up and making myself a strong coffee and sorting out the dog and getting my daughter back off to sleep it was time to head for the river. I knew it would be a hot day so thought our best chances would be in the morning. I arrived at the hut just as Tony had started fishing so we decided to go and fish the top of the beat. This bit usually doesn't get much attention as we are under the impression its not very good. As no one really bothers nothing gets caught hence the reason everyone thinks its no good!

Tony had a good take from something just below the top footbridge but it unfortunately came off after a few seconds, still, considering this was the rubbish bit it wasn't a bad start. We fished on down back towards the 'Good' bit and i stayed fishing a large pool called 'Sulks' after several minutes and about 40 casts i had on last cast before moving on. In the slack water in the belly of the pool I felt that sweet draw on the line followed by the head shaking and I knew I was in! Determined not to lose it i got below it and pulled hard to set the hooks. On feeling my resistance the fish took of. A nice big silver flash confirmed that it was a nice, fresh fish.  Somewhat annoyed the fish shot out of the pool and darted down the need bank into a fast run below where i managed to overtake and get down stream of the fish. After a couple more smaller runs the fish was starting to tire. Once netted and unhooked we got a few pictures before returning the fish, it was a lovely looking fish and returned well.

I normally hold them for a good few minutes before they are ready to go. Despite unhooking them in the water and minimising time out of the water save for a quick picture or two it always amazes me how long it takes them to expel all of the air from their gills.

We continued to fish down river but the sun was getting increasingly hot and we were both feeling the effect. After retiring to the hut to re-hydrate ourselves i decided to call it a day and left Tony to it.

The weekend has started well and with the great weather forecast it looks like its going to be a good one!

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