Saturday, 16 May 2015

A good rise

A few good hours on the river yesterday and things certainly seem to have livened up with the lift in water on Thursday.
I arrived mid morning to find the river just starting to drop but still only a foot or two of visability. Having fished the river a lot in this condition and caught a lot of Sea trout I was not expecting to connect with any Salmon. 

As I worked my way up stream I had a few gentle takes and saw a lot of decent fish rising to a healthy hatch of mayfly. As i got to a certain Sea trout hotspot I had a fish follow and take right in front of me, after a good scrap and aerial display a plump fish of 4lb was duly landed. After a couple more hours the colour was noticeably dropping out, after a couple of lost sea trout and several follows it was time to head home.

Given the current height of the water I expect some news from the syndicate members over the weekend as conditions will be perfect for someone to bank our first Salmon of the season!

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