Monday, 6 May 2013

Bank Holiday Forays

I managed to get out over the bank holiday for a few hours to fish my usual beat on the river. Having seen a fish on a lower beat whilst walking along the banks hopes were high. The river looked perfect, it had dropped to an almost normal level and clarity was OK. There was just the right amount of water to fish the fly properly
I tackled up and put on a multi tip with a medium sinking tip with a short leader and a red francis. Tony arrived not long after and we proceeded to search the beat for a fresh springer. We fished for a few hours but sadly to no avail, as we reached the bottom of the beat a couple of canoeists appeared claiming to be unaware that they were trespassing, presumable they had missed the umpteen signs they had paddled past telling them this! im not sure as to how these craft affect the fishing but it was getting hot so we decided to call it a day. 
Walking back to the hut i thought as i still had some time to spare we should have a look at the higher beat that has just become available. I had only seen it with high water up to no so today would be perfect to go and have a proper look with the water being low and clearish.

The upper beat is about 3 miles above my usual fishing and was historically a renowned big fish beat, i'm yet to fish it this year but on inspection it looks like a cracking bit of water which i'm sure will yield a few fish!

A lovely looking bend that runs into a huge pool below in the distance, i'm sure there will be some big fish in here over the next few weeks 
this looks like a classic chalk stream salmon lie, i can imagine fish making their way up the faster shallow pool tail and tucking into the deep hole just above the ranunculus.

Its always exciting to have access to new water and i'm sure that between this upper beat and an additional lower beat we now have access to this will be a very interesting year on the Frome. There is also some guided salmon fishing and very limited day ticket availability on the lower river Frome. Have a look at the availability tab on the home page for more information.

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