Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Opening day

After what seemed like waiting forever over a never ending winter opening day on our river finally came. The first day of the Salmon season on the Dorset Frome is the 1st of March. It was with great excitement that I arrived at the Hut and this year I was prepared, we were in a 4 x 4.  After last years farce of Tony and I both driving to the hut and getting stuck I was keen to avoid any such stress this year!

I tackled up and with a couple of very excited dogs I surveyed the damage that nearly a year of high water had done in the valley. The continually high water had made the whole valley very soggy and there were a few subtle changes to the pools and runs. I would imagine there will be new lies to learn and old ones destroyed.

The Ducks of the valley had certainly prospered in the numerous boggy patches, dozens were flying about the valley ready to pair up for nesting.

The river was vey high but was within it's banks  and the water had a cold milky look to it with a couple of feet visibility.

There was no ceremony, no Pipers, no whisky, no celebrities, just A black Lab, A cocker spaniel, My mate and I. I stripped off some line and made my first cast of the new season. I fished through the pools with a little hope but great interest at how they had changed.  Once I had fished down about half of the beat I had to get back to base. The whole river still feels very bleak and wintry but It wont be long until the valley bursts into life with spring flowers and fresh leaves. The abundant weed growth for which these rivers are famous will soon be evident, and with it, the fly life, the ever hungry juvenile fish and with a little luck, a few nice fresh spring Salmon!

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  1. Good Luck Paul...! I hope I can get out with you this year.


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